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attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. do not take any action on your own. >> reporter: it was no exaggeration. late last night, authorities discovered mit police officer sean collier shot and killed by the suspects. at first, authorities didn't realize there was a connection to the bombing. but then authorities say the two men carjacked a mercedes suv in cambridge, briefly kidnapped the driver, and led police on a wild, violent chase through the streets of neighboring watertown. then a dramatic shoot-out. in all, 200 rounds were fired between the police and the suspect, who also reportedly threw explosives from their car. >> in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev was critically injured during the firefight and taken to a nearby hospital, where he eventually died. >> we spent 10, 15 minutes trying to resuscitate this patient. >> reporter: but his alleged accomplice was still on the loose. an army of police descended on the neighborhood. >> we're at the corner of mt. aubu
was trying to help for 15 minutes then the law enforcement officers invited me to leave. they should have. this is not my bailiwick or area of expertise. i left. picked up my brother. we walked back across the bridge with thousands of other people. looked very much like 9/11. >> reporter: people are calling you a hero. >> they shouldn't. i did what anybody else should do in these circumstances. we are a resilient people. this is what we should do to respond. >> reporter: thanks very much. thanks for what you did. >> okay. thank you. >> reporter: we'll be right back. [ pacino ] the inches we need are everywhere around us. every minute. every second -- we fight for that inch. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is passion given a purpose. every day we chip away, because that's the only way to see the best of what we're made of. well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month. >>> it's been more than 11 years since the 9/11 attacks shocked this country into the 21st century and since then, there have been more attempted
are live with the details. >>> with law enforcement on high alert the unfolding investigation about who did it and why. >>> and in a scene that turned average citizens into first responders, the story of a bright spring day that ended in heart break and heroism. a special edition of "nightline," terror at the boston marathon is 60 seconds away. get some friends, loser! so, are you all right, man? ♪ lean on me, thanks. >> good evening and thanks for joining us tonight from boston. a city reeling tonight in shock and sadness, really. we are just a few blocks away just down there from what was the finish line of the boston marathon. and in most years on this night these streets the heart of downtown boston would be humming with activity packed with people celebrating the achievement of the runners their loved ones coming from all over the world to support them. but tonight these streets are frozen in time when two bombs went off at the finish line, wounding more than 140, killing three, at least. including an eight-year-old. and tonight, the investigation is in full swing. the fbi is in char
, there was a massive explosion about 50 minutes later. the firefighters and law enforcement that were there and some of the community members were in the process of evacuating people away from the area. because they knew the significant danger there at the fire -- in the fertilizer plant. once they started doing that, the explosion occurred. there have been numerous people injured, we're talking in the hundreds. there are confirmed fatalities. at this point, we do not have numbers. we're waiting to see specifically a little bit better count before we start putting out numbers. but we're probably going to see that increase as we do a little bit more of a recovery operation at some point later in the morning. i can tell you, i just talked to my commander who is on the ground there, on the scene. we are going door to door. there are numerous law enforcement agencies, fire agencies involved. the community west has had tremendous outpouring from the local surrounding communities and cities. this is a very close-knit type community. they're all looking out for each other. and certainly have come to each o
throughout afghanistan used to kill our soldiers. >> law enforcement officials say there is still no solid evidence that links the marathon bombs to al qaeda or to anyone else. but tuesday, there was a new plea for help in trying to identify the bomber. >> any individual who expressed a desire to target the marathon, suspicious interest in researching how to create explosive devices, the noise of explosions in remote areas prior to yesterday which may have been used as tests by those responsible for these acts. someone who appeared to be carrying a unusually heavy dark colored bag yesterday around the time of the blasts and in the vicinity of the blasts. >> reporter: the efforts to learn who is behind the bombing often require great patience and persisten persistence. it took three years and only after the discovery of a tiny electronic part that authorities learned who was behind the bomb that brought down pan am flight 103. the so-called unabomber was at large for 17 years, hiding in the mountains in montana in a cabin before a relative finally turned him in. in oklahoma city, authoritie
, the fbi released a statement that said we are aware of the law enforcement activity in the greater boston area. the situation is ongoing. you just heard brian say that. we are working with local authorities to determine what happened. >> we have pierre thomas looking into the situation. but we're going to go to lindsay davis who is on the scene in watertown. can you hear us? >> reporter: i can. we are at the corner of mount auburn and kimball. it's a main street here that has just been shut down. police have set up a perimeter. we cannot get information on what is happening. we assume it's a search for the second suspect. it is members of the national guard and police here. maybe a dozen or so residents just standing on the streets trying to figure out what is going on. but a perimeter has been set. i don't know if you can see down there, several police cars are continuing to drive in and out of this area. that's pretty much what we can tell you at this point. >> it was a dangerous situation with reports of 30 gunshots and explosives being thrown out of a car during this chase. right now
to die. as if these images weren't chilling enough, today in a newly filed criminal complaint, law enforcement officials described how 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev calmly placed a bag allegedly containing a homemade bomb made out of a pressure cooker and packed with nails and bbs on the ground in a crowd full of innocent bystanders and simply waited. when the first bomb, allegedly placed by his brother, went off nearby, investigators say they could see everybody in the crowd react with alarm. everybody except tsarnaev, who waited a few seconds, walked away, and allegedly set off the sec bomb. days later he and his older brother tamerlan got in a shoot-out with police. today we learn more about the events leading up to that epic clash. according to the new criminal complaint, the night began with the brothers tsarnaev allegedly car jacking a man. the victim describes one of the brothers getting into his car and saying, did you hear about the boston explosion? i did that. the victim says the brother then removed a magazine from his gun, displayed a bullet, and said, i am serious. th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)